Sunday, June 20, 2010

Girls Camp

I was able to take 10 pictures total to my usual over a 100. I was so busy but it was so worth it and Ash's YW leader who was the camp nurse took quite a few and said she would give me a disk of them.

Here is Ash the first day...The theme: Its all about the Shoes they used the Wizard of Oz as the background.

This picture you can barely see the cardboard Dorothy they had all over camp. She was a very active camp member.

IBC Root beer is a big hit at the snack shack at camp there is one on the table there.
Getting ready for the hike by making trail mix. I had not a clue what to buy for this but the MM's and Chex Mix were a big hit.
The 1st years and 4th years actually got lost on their hike but they were found and rescued. All the 4th years went straight to the pool clothes and all and jumped in. They came in to get lunch 45 minutes after everyone else ate, all dripping water. It was funny even though we were worried, Ash was a 4th year...and she went in the pool...

Thursday Night was skit night that was alot of fun. And they had a couple of priesthood holders come and put on a little concert. Pres Heim got to play as well (hes one of our stake leaders)

I decorated the kitchen with fresh flowers, white lights, little plastic shoes, ribbons, and Saturday gave out awards... Choc Kisses in wire whisks with ribbons and flowers. The kitchen was named the Munchin Cafe.

Ash and her YW leader the camp nurse, Lisa.  She also helped in the kitchen each morning Lisa, my kitchen helper and I had prayer and a short devotional before starting our morning duties. We had such a spiritual time and alot of laughs. Lisa has a video of me dancing along with my hubby who came up for Bishop's Night the last night of camp. The girls always have the Bishops and Branch Presidents line dance and it is always a hoot. Hubby loves coming up to support our youth but has a hard time with the whole dancing thing :0)

Now its scout camp and the boys have been packing the truck, 4 wheeler, and bags all afternoon. I fell asleep on the couch again I feel like a bum but they are big boys and have done a great job getting themselves all packed for a week of primitive camping and alot of fun.


  1. I enjoyed my visit today, Erika. Your youth camp sounds really fun. Thanks for sharing!

  2. So fun! I only went to Girls Camp once and I loved it. I wish I could've gone more as a teenager. I hope my girls will want to go. I remember the sweet spirit that was there. Loved seeing all your photos!

  3. Emily,
    I can't believe you only went once. Ash has gone 4 times and wishes she wasn't going to be a YCL she doesn't want to be one next year she wants to keep going all her life she says. She loves it. I have gone 3 years and wish I had this as a teen.



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