Saturday, June 19, 2010

We're Home

We got home about an hour ago. We have a stack of laundry....really alot of laundry which is totally amazing. We are tired, exhausted, sore in places we didn't think you could be, my feet are swollen and tired from standing all day long and long into the night since Tuesday.

But.....It was so exhilarating, spiritually refueling, and a good kind of exhausting that only comes from these kind of experiences. I am putting things away checking emails, and making cookies for the dads at church tomorrow. Trying to keep moving since I know when I stop I will crash but if I could do it again I would in a heart beat.

To spend 4 days with 90 teenage girls, many adult leaders, cooking for them, seeing the energy pour off them as they build each other up, see them learn and teach each other the love the Savior and Heavenly Father have for them, and see them cope with feeling the spirit so strong they might drown in it, and then pour out their testimonies in a powerful testimony meeting that leaves all feeling so refreshed and fueled it will carry us through the next few weeks.

For me at this moment the exhaustion is fierce, the tears are right on the edge, the spirit so strong....

I can't wait till next year......

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