Friday, June 11, 2010

Rubies of Thought

She Stretcheth out her hand to the poor; yea she reacheth forth to the needy
Proverbs 31:20

She is a compassionate person to all and helps all who stands in need of it. Whether it is for physical things food, clothing, etc or spiritually.

I used to think this was just the physical things but people need prayers, they need a shoulder to cry on, or an ear to listen. Sometimes they need that more than anything else and not even realize they do. Being there and compassionate enough to just be there when they need you.

I think service should be something you do without thinking. It is done without a thought you are doing it you don't realize you are. Service done with a prize in mind isn't service at all. I think the service we are blessed for the most is the service we do when no one knows we have even done it.

I started a prayer notebook not long ago and I have been writing things in it that I feel I need to add a little extra on. Sisters that are sick, or their relatives, or just someone I know that could use the extra. I've don't write what I want or need but others and I do forget it sometimes in my church bag so it isn't out daily for me to remind who needs prayers. But it does remind me that there are others out there that need prayers and love. So that I am not always dwelling on myself.

Have a Blessed Day



  1. Love the prayer notebook idea. I know many times throughout the day as I am busy doing stuff...I think of others and their needs...when it comes to the end of the day and time for my "formal" prayers I am so tired and my mind is numb and I forget to ask for help for those people I had thought of throughout the day. I think I am going to start keeping a list. Thanks!

  2. Wonderful thoughts! I think this is so true too. Our first thought on this is always giving to the poor and needy - but I like to think of it as also the poor in spirit, the down trodden - those that are suffering or going through trials. I know in my hour of need, knowing people are praying for me has brought comfort and peace. Prayer is a powerful means - and I, too, keep a prayer journal. It is a wonderful way to jot down those people and things you are wanting to pray for. Great thoughts today dear friend!

  3. There is so much pain and suffering right now. So many people that are depressed and just sad from loss of spouse and the like...but isn't it wonderful that we can come to the throne of Our Father and pray for these people that He has placed in our hearts?

    Prayer is so needed and I also feel cared for when someone at church says they are praying for me.

    The prayer notebook is a wonderful idea...something that could be implemented by anyone.

    Thank you for sharing. May Our Lord bless you & keep you.


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