Sunday, June 13, 2010

Some Garden Photos

This week I have auto posted posts since I will be gone and away enjoying a few days cooking for a bunch of hungry teenage girls. We will be in the land of Oz since the theme is based on the Wizard of Oz. It will be so much fun.

The following pictures are from around the garden Sunday evening.

Cucumber flowers, these are Parisian Pickling see the little pickle.
The Zinnia bloom is from seeds we saved from last year.

Above is our garden, this year we are doing deep mulch, no till. We haven't tilled at all. In the fall we loaded it with horse manure, cleanings from the chicken house and yard and thru out the winter rabbit manure. In Jan we spread 2 old round hay bails. Three would have been better but the 2 were free, we used oak leaves to mulch the rest.  See the round wire cage we have 4 of those around the garden that we filled with leaves so we could pull out what we needed. The area closest to the leaf cage is where I had a bunch of green beans, the rouge rabbit had nice meal. So we hand turned it under and layered leaves and I am planning on planting something there after camp.

We also have tried a different way of doing things in a few areas and I am very unhappy with it so we went back to what we were doing and things are starting to produce and actually grow.

And below are some of the things we have started from seed all of them even the Fig Tomatoes. Spaghetti squash, butternut squash(I love the leaves on this varity), Red Figs, yellow straight neck squash(we have a nice bowl full on the counter every other day or so), zukes, and mammoth sunflowers in Yguys garden.

And a little friend in the popcorn Yguy is growing. I love this picture I put it as our wallpaper on the laptop.


  1. Erika,

    Your garden is growing beautifully! Praying that Our Lord blesses your time with the girls.


  2. It looks like everything is growing just wonderfully! I loved seeing your photos of the garden. And I especially love the last photo of the little frog! What an amazing capture! :) Have a blessed day and week ahead!


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