Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rubies of Thought

Zinnia's by the clothesline in old wash tubs. We have one on each end. One I used to hand wash clothes in when we lived in Montana.

She is not afraid of the snow for her household: for all her household are clothed with scarlet.
Proverbs 31:21

This one I kept looking to see if there was a deeper meaning but I don't think so now. It all boils down to her being prepared and so her family is prepared. Whether we live in an area with snow, hurricanes, or just needing to be prepared for anything.

She is prepared when a child or teen has a growth spurt and isn't taken by surprise by it. Her household is dressed properly, modestly, and are prepared for what comes their way.

 I wanted to know what the scarlet meant so I looked at many references of it and found it meaning fancy clothing, to nice clothing, to taking on the blood of Christ. And so I wondered it this verse meant more. Like when we have mounting hills to climb we still have the mantel of Christ on our shoulders to guide us. We listen when we are prompted instead of taking on the world and our problems on our own.

I know for me I worry and worry about the future and what it will bring and how I can change it to what I want. I need to really set down and let today's troubles be sufficient for today. I need to heed the guidance I receive and listen to it, whether I like it or not. That is the key whether I like it or not.

But I also need to be prepared for anything the future may bring. There is that fine line there of worrying about what needs to be worried about and worrying to much. Trust, trusting in the Lord with all our hearts....

That is a hard one for me I have a very hard time trusting people. I hold them at a distance and any little thing that shakes my trust in them they loose what trust they have with me either forever or for a very long time. But I have learned over the years to trust in Heavenly Father I have never been shaken from the trust I have put in him but I had a hard time trusting at first.  I may get frustrated as we all do in the slowness of an answer, or the answer isn't what I want but in the end I see why and am happy with the result.

Be prepared for everything. My daughter is feeling her way around and making her own style. And I am trying really hard not to be a grouchy mom but then also letting her know that she represents being a Christian and by her example she will draw good or bad to her. We should think of that when we go out in the world,"Am I drawing good or bad to myself with the statement I am declaring in how I dress, act, or where I am at?" But it also pretains to here at home how we feel and act at home is affected by how we dress. If we are in our nightclothes all day and aren't sick then how is the atmoshpere in our home going to react?

Have a Blessed Day



  1. Thank you for this study Erika. It has been very encouraging to me as I too study Proverbs 31.

    I agree with you that how we dress, act says who we are louder than us saying we are Christians.

    My oldest son is also finding his own style, but staying focused that he belongs to Christ and that everything he does will always come back to that.

    Thank you for your thoughts.

    In Christ,

  2. thank you for doing this study! very encouraging! i just found your blog and it seems we have a lot in common! (gardening, canning, homeschooling, the west ladies!, prov 31)

    take care!



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