Monday, August 23, 2010

Plain and Simple

Around the Cottage

Made new friends
Last week we had this little guy visit us.....

We rescued a friend from our porch cat, Cooler. This is a Polyphemus Moth, the cat thought he was a wonderful toy but we rescued him before he became one.
crocheting more dishclothes
Knitting a shawl
Getting into headscarves
Growing tasty sprouts
And this morning our friend is back, this time he is in the front pasture. We leave the gate off since nothing is in that pasture right now and he made himself at home during the night. Being a week on his own hasn't seemed to bother him.

Update: our little black friend went home. His farmer came by today and was very happy to see him he has been missing for a month. Another farmer friend called and asked him if he was missing said calf, he had thought the calf had gotten eatin since he has not been able to find him.  He was very happy to have him in our pasture and easy to catch. We had fun watching him wrangle him up looked alot easier than the big beef cow we raised a few years ago that was such a pain to get him in the trailer. :0)

Have a blessed week at your cottage.



  1. What wonderful photos! The shawl is looking beautiful! I love the colour!!! And what amazing visitors you have had! I think moths are so pretty - the moth you caught is very big and beautiful! Looks like you are having a blessed time as of late! :)

  2. Oh Erika, I just enjoy visiting your lovely cottage...I always leave with such a sense of peace and contentment :)

    The shawl, like Emily said, is just lovely. Have a wonderful weekend!



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