Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Boy and his Dog

There is always a strong relationship with a young person and their animal, Wyatt and Flower are no exception. She follows him everywhere, barks at anyone who enters his room, doesn't let another animal near him if falls asleep on the couch, watches his every move, and completely adores him. He is her world and for him now she is his....till today

Today, Flower didn't come home with us she started another journey that her boy could not follow. She will always be remembered and loved as her boy's girl.

You will always be missed Flower.



  1. Oh Erika, how is your son taking the news?

    I pray that he is calm and realizes that he will always have the wonderful memories with Flower.


  2. He is Ok just really sad and quiet. It was sudden and very unexpected. A pulled muscle, we thought that turned in paralysis and proceeded to get worse. The vet was wonderful and very up front about what was happening etc.

    We've all cried and cried it has not been easy. We've lost lots of animals but this one really hit us hard she was such a baby and a sweet girl who appreciated her home so much and loved Wyatt. The bond between them was so strong.



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