Friday, October 29, 2010

Simple Yet Basic

One of the things I have really tried to cultivate in our home is reusing items, repurposing something into an item I need or would use.

I am not nearly as good at it as most but I feel I can look outside the box when needed and be somewhat creative.

Clothing is something I am not into, Fashion Diva I am not, and do not plan on being. Since switching to skirts almost 2 yrs ago I have done away with all my jeans. I think I have 1 pair somewhere I kept just incase I needed to work in the yard. Since using a chainsaw or even being around one is not recommended with a skirt.

I turned 2 into long skirts and love them especially in the winter nice and warm. Last week I went thrift storing and at one they have their clothing for $1 so I bought some jeans and a nice lavender top. The jeans were turned into a long skirt, see below.

I have my hair pulled up in a bun since it was warm that day and my top is one I made. See the V at the bottom I used a pair of jeans that could not be fixed to fill in the V's. My daughter is not like me in the skirt department and the jeans I cut up were hers she ripped the pocket on them and it could not be fixed. Perfect solution.

Now, I have demin left from the jeans and have been wanting a new purse. Fashion is not my thing but I love purses and bags. I would love to find a little basket with a lid to use for a purse that would be so cute. Anyway I sewed the scraps I had together to make big enough pieces to cut out what I needed for the below bag

The contrasting fabric I bought  on the reminant shelf at walmart a couple years ago for a $1 or something. It has pockets on one side and pockets inside. I am always digging for my cellphone so I wanted something to put it in and I didn't want pockets all over the outside. I made the handles longer than the pattern said since I wanted a shoulder bag.

So for 2 pairs of jeans, one pair unfixablem, and some reminant fabric I was able to make 2 brand new items that I will use. SimpleYet Basic....

The purse pattern Simplicity 2830 well the base of it is I have changed it to what I wanted and the basic directions for the skirt is here. Or go to your search engine and type in skirt from jeans how to.

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  1. You are such an inspiration to me Erika! You look lovely :-D

    I am a bit envious, there you are wearing flip-flops while here in the cottage, we are wearing long-johns and coats already...brrr!

    You have got to show me how you made such a neat bag. I think the handles are wonderful...long and comfortable. And all those pockets.

    As you could see, I am excited for your new creations :)

    A little something is leaving today ;)



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