Thursday, October 14, 2010

Plain and Simple

Forty nine days I have been away from here....I have been online but I have kept away and it has been a nice break. I haven't decided completely if I am going to come back or not but me posting today shows that I enjoy it and miss it. While I have been away I have taken a few pictures and here are some...
 A spur of the moment trip to Tenn. for the kids and I. We are over 1100ft under ground in this photo at Ruby Falls.
 Yguy and I snuggling on the couch he will be 14 next week and his mamma is the only woman for him right now.
 Candle making, we used old pillar candles and crayons(for color) they had alot of fun doing this.
 Another cave in Tenn. The Lost Sea, it has a 4 1/2 acre lake with trout in it and is quite the hike but so much fun and so interesting. We loved this one so much more than Ruby Falls though Ruby Falls was beautiful.
 Biology time at a state park...walking on the walkway thru the marshes to get to the other side of the lake.
 The other side of the lake...See our van in the left of the photo, way off in the distance?
 A new skirt
 And a new dress
And chickens everywhere, we have been letting them free range and they love it. Grasshoppers Beware!

Well from our cottage to yours...

Have a Blessed Day,



  1. Oh Dear look lovely :-) !

    Thank you for coming back and sharing a bit of your lovely day with us...with me.

    I am so blessed to have you as my friend.



    PS: I would like for you to show a bit more on how you made those lovely candles.

  2. You were missed! But I sure was glad that you left us your music!

    Welcome Back to Bloggy Land...


  3. I just checked here yesterday to see if you were back...nice to hear from you again.


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