Friday, October 15, 2010

Candle Making

A few weeks ago we made hand dipped candles and I was asked to show some pictures of what we did. So here are ones I took that fun day. We are doing the Dark Ages for study this year and each week they have a quest to do and they chose this to do. We waited till a Sunday afternoon so dad could be there and they had so much fun.
We ordered the wicking online but I didn't save the link to the site, sorry. We had several white pillar candles that someone gave us and we used orange and green crayons to color the wax. You will also need cans to melt the wax in. We used #10 cans leftover from our food storage and tall narrow cans. The tall cans the wax melted in the #10 cans we put water in and then placed in pans of water. Like a double boiler. We also had 2 cans with ice water in them.
After the wax melted and we mixed the colors in we took about 12 inches of wicking off the spool. We used waxed wicking so that it would stay straight will dipping the first few times.
Dip in the wax, then dip in the cool water, and then back and forth. You will notice a little curve in your candle just pull it straight after dipping in the water and that will straighten it out.
Keep dipping till you have the size you want. The water cools it or it will melt right off every time you dip it back into the hot wax.
 They also tried different shapes once they got the hang of it.
 Here are some of our creations...I made birthday candles they are really easy and fun to make. I can't wait to use them soon and I kept thinking why didn't I think of this when they were little. That would have added that extra special touch to homemade birthday cakes.
This is Pipin our very precocious kitten. See he can read already :0) Well, not really but he rules the house and he knows it. The older cats are not happy with us for bringing a bothersome baby home, who disturbs their beauty sleep, plays with their tails,eats their food and how dare he, use their litter box. But its ok if they eat his kitten food when no one is looking
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  1. Oh this sure looks like something that we can try here :-)

    Depending on how many times you dip them in wax, that must be how large the candle will be.

    Thank you for sharing my friend. Your kitten is adorable ;)

    And yes I agree with you. It has taken me to go around the block a couple of times for me to finally say...enough already!!!

    Blessings dear one,



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