Monday, October 18, 2010

Plain and Simple

Nellie loves my long flowing skirts especially this one.  This hen is one that Ash hand fed as a chick and she will follow us around and has tried the follow us right into the house.

 Looking at a map for the hiking trail we hiked this weekend

 The kids collecting flowers in my hair...I had more than this by the time we were done. We saw Black Eyed Susans, Golden Rod, Queen Anne's Lace,Ox Eyed Daisys, Ageratum, and many others I can't name.
 We are sitting on what used to be the bridge now it is an out of way place to have a nice sit and enjoy your surroundings.

 Skipping rocks on the creek by the old bridge. Such fun and simple things to do but can hold one captivated for hours. Of course taking one's shoes off and wading in the spring fed creek and actually being able to get one's pants wet is even better.
 Someone climbed a tree and carved a heart... this tree has years and years worth of carvings. My parents and I hiked this trail 20 years ago and the base of this tree was covered with names then and the old bridge was there. But now that this is not on the newer trail to the new bridge the tree is slowly healing from all the abuse. This place is kind of a lost treasure that not to many people know about and it makes it nice for those who do.
 Yguy grinning...He just slipped off a log and soaked his boots and pants. All we heard was a big splash and knew right away he fell in.
Lovely purple flowers on the trail
 Lavender Sachets... Yguy made these for
Ash and I. He made them for a quest in his school work.

Well I hope you week is as lovely as ever and that the fall weather is just as much of a treat for you as it is for us. May you be blessed this week...


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  1. Thank you for your sharing such beautiful pictures of you and your family.

    The trail is so peaceful. I have never enjoyed carving unto trees...I feel as if they are hurt somehow.

    The flowing kind of sportswear :-)

    May your day be full of blessings,



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