Monday, November 22, 2010

The Tempest

My daughter loves Shakespeare and she has read many of his writings. She has always loved them even when she was at her hyperest as a little girl she would sit and watch Mel Gibson's Hamlet. Which was amazing considering we couldn't get her to sit for 2 seconds most of the time or focus on any one task for very long.
I downloaded this picture months ago and this  morning came across it here on the computer. It reminded me of my life right now, a raging storm I can't seem to bring to some calm.  Watching as things in my life are coming so close to dashing againest rocks and not being able to reach out and cushion the blow.

We are all in a storm right now with things going on in the world and we all have anxieties for what the future will bring. I wonder daily about the future and it worries me but I have to calm my mind down and place that worry in the Lord's hands and let today's own troubles be sufficient for today.
I look around me and see the simplest of things that are such gifts and I am thankful for them. Right now they make a profound impact on me and I need that.

Those simple things I know I can control the kneading of wonderful bread that feeds my family. The skill I have been given to produce these wonderful blessings for the blessings in my life. The umph! to get out there and learn something so that I can make things on my own so that those basic things are provided.Thank You!
Though I feel alone in my walk some days....I  know I am not, Heavenly Father is there for me when I need him all I need to do is ask. I have a son and a daughter I love and they love me and a husband who is very supportive and attentive when I need him to be. Thank You.
One day soon the sun will rise and the flowers of spring will bloom and I will feel the struggle I have put myself through fade away as I see that all that worry was for nothing and that things turned out just fine.
My needs are provided and for that I am ever so thankful...
My blessings are abundant the love around me shows me daily how much Heavenly Father loves me.
So when I let the storm clouds of my life overwhelm me...I will look to those reminders around me that are letting me know I am not alone and that today is the only day I need to worry about the future hasn't been written....
And I am loved!

I am thankful more many things in my life and as we come to the day of Thanksgiving I hope to remind myself and be reminded again and again of all those things I have to be Thankful for.

Happy Thanksgving!


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