Monday, December 27, 2010


Remember as a child looking through a kaliedocope and seeing the colors changes, swirl into different designs, the colors changing as you looked at different lights. I never had one but I remember looking at some friend's, or at stores.

The changing of colors, designs, depending on what you did was interesting. I loved the colors reminds me of stainglass windows which I love, but ever changing to fit the mood of the person turning the end of the scope.

The seasons change and we all love different seasons, I love spring and fall, winter and summer not so much. The rebirth in spring is fantastic and colors vibrant, fall the world folding up for the season getting ready to sleep. Nesting preparing to snuggle in and the colors again, amaze me.

We are coming to the end of yet another year. Have the last two gone by fast for anyone else? This year has been a tough one so I am not so sad to see it leave but it is all going so fast. Spring will be on us in no time here in the south and I for one am ready for the lengthing of days, the sun warming, the sprouting of wonderful veggies, and digging into the soil to ready it for summer.

We still have many days of cold to go but come Feb we can plant irish potatoes, order our meat chickens and turkeys, plan for the pig we want to raise...

I can look through life with a single lens and see only what is there or I can see it through the many colors and patterns Heavenly Father has set there for me and look in awe at what I have been given.  We have many things we want to do this coming year whether we get it all done due to finances or time is still a big question.

Today the kids and I are going to go through the house move everything, clean under everything, rearrange somethings, pack away christmas, and get ready to start this new year with a new thought, a new plan, but with old fashion ideals that have been tired and tested and much loved by this family.

This year I want to make soap, continue in making things from scratch, still sew most of my clothing, visit the temple with more purpose, learn to love myself and who I am again, deepen my relationship with my husband, continue to enjoy each and every minute with my children, and put the ideals and thoughts of the world where in belongs outside and not in our home.

Setting the pace of my home is my job and I have failed at it lately and I want to set the pace again, slow it down, focus it, and enjoy every minute of it. The simpleness of it all brings me peace and I am going to work at it hard to keep it the way I know it should be.

Yesterday, Ashley was extended her first calling at church, piano player for primary she will play the prelude music, and I was called as 2nd councelor in Relief Society.  I am hoping we both find the confidance in ourselves that we both lack since I know Heavenly Father has it.

Have a Blessed Day



  1. I like your goals dear friend. They are doable, just like you say, Our Heavenly Father has the confidence and will share it with you.

    Many blessings to your day dear one,


  2. Your plans and goals sound wonderful! This year I want to be a better blogger and letter writter ;-) along with else everything you said.


  3. Dear Erika,

    Such wonderful goals to work toward! Congratulations to Ashley on being the Primary pianist; I know she'll love it. And much luck to you being second counselor; I'm sure it will be a wonderful experience, too.




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