Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Turning the Kaliedoscope

This week the kiddos and I are rearranging things, dusting things, and lots of sewing. We are enjoying our time playing games too...lots of games. We sat on the floor in the livingroom yesterday, between sewing and taking all our books down and dusting and putting them back to play a dice game called farkle. It is such a fun and fast paced game.

But onto what I sewed yesterday, covered this chair and the pillow. I made a removable cover for the pillow so I can wash it. The chair had a cream colored cover originally and I covered it with a deep green checked cover when our couch had the same couch cover. But now I want to go back to my blues.
When we went yard saleing on my birthday I found this demin couch cover brand new for a $1 well I snagged it for the fabric it nothing else. It didn't have the covers for the cushions though, well a few weeks after that I found, at yet another yard sale, a bag of demin pieces for a couple of dollars. Those pieces are being turned into covers, I did one yesterday and will finish the other today.
New curtains from yet another steal but this time at the thrift store. A 12 ft long tablecloth for $2. My pinecones in the window and my little rock collection.
The outdoors make me happy and I can't always sit out there all day especially this time of year so I decided to do something different and bring it indoors to me for those days I can't get out for very long.
I got the idea from Sew Liberated I remembered her doing something like it in her baby's room. Well in the next few weeks I will be making the little clothe birds to go on this swag I can't wait to see it finished.
The pattern for the birds is here. I'm thinking of making the bird mobile too and put it in the corner of the livingroom.
Ash and I went and cut branches and wild grape vines and drug them in yesterday for this project. After I put them up I thought I should have waited since in the next few weeks we'll be painting this room. :0)

The acorns I brought back from New Hampshire when the kids and I were up there 5 years ago. We don't have acorns this size here and these were so much fun. I glued loops of fishing twine on them and hung this this morning. Such fun.

I am having fun redoing and turning the lens of my kaliedoscope so the design and colors fit what I want and need right now. Shifting the focus just a little so that the colors in my life are vibrant once again.

Have a Blessed Day



  1. Oh...everything looks beautiful and so homey!

    I think I am going to do the same as you and bring the outdoors in :)

    Be blessed,


  2. Love it all. Must be the season...I thought about dragging a big tree branch in our bedroom. I am SURE my husband would love that. Currently my upstairs is a mess because I have been rearranging stuff all morning. I am just taking a break.

  3. I love the blue fabric you used for the chair and pillow cover. Very cute!

  4. Dear Erika,

    I love the blues, too! I'm trying to adjust to not having any blue walls here (they're all tan or red); I'll have to make some pretty curtains like yours. :)

    I just hung some winter creeper vines over the top of the curtain rod in our front room; it does make it more "homey", doesn't it?




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