Friday, December 31, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook , December 31, 2010


Outside my window... Cloudy and dark, it may rain, it may not, you never know around here. But it is so lovely its not to humid and we have a couple of windows open so its not cold either.

I am thinking... of what I have to do today....Which isn't much

I am thankful for... Caring friends and family who have been a rock to me these last couple of months

From the learning rooms...Christmas Vacation kinda.... We have done a few things mostly doing a final test so a credit can be given to Ash for World History. Sewing, cooking, and lots of fun time together.

From the kitchen... Yesterday a lovely pot of Potato Soup from our canned potato soup experiment this summer. Today homemade noodles for lasagnia for New Years dinner.

I am wearing... a long demin skirt I made a couple of years ago and a girls camp Tshirt. Today is really relaxed I haven't even put my hair up its still in its nightime braid I have brushed my teeth though and makeup, well since I don't wear makeup, my daily aloe I use aloe on my face now instead of anything else. On Sundays I wear a little foundation and blush but that is all. I really don't like to make myself up like I used to I keep it very simple.

I am creating... I was creating covers for the couch cushions, finished. Curtians for the living room, finished. I have started the fabric birds and made two yesterday and then gave over the use of the sewing machine to Yguy so he could sew some monsters :0) He used the rest of my fiberfill as well so no more birds till payday.

I am town this morning to take some teens to seminary, the library, and home. Oh and to some friend's house tonight for food, games, and movies.

I am reading...The kiddos and I are reading The Last of the Mohicans.

I am hearing... soft music and quiet....a child just opened a door it must be my early riser...she is up to start the day

Around the house...the curtains are drawn shutting out the world, the house is tidy (for a change), Pipin the kitten is pouncing an older cat(who is really disliking it), birds all over the back porch having their New Years Eve feast...

One of my favorite things...hugs from my husband when I need them the most

A few plans for the rest of the week: simply living and loving my family

Simple Woman's Daybook

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