Monday, January 3, 2011



Faith is knowing the sun will rise,
lighting each new day.
Faith is knowing the Lord will hear my prayers each time I pray.
Faith is like a little seed:
If planted it will grow.
Faith is a swelling within my heart.
When I do right I know.

Faith is knowing I lived with God before my mortal birth.
Faith is knowing I can return when my life ends on earth.
Faith is trust in God above:
In Christ, who showed the way.
Faith is strengthened:
I feel it grow
When ever I obey.

LDS Childrens Songbook

A Christmas cactus will only bloom once a year, about this time every year my cactus will put forth pink, salmon, and white blooms. I look forward to it every year and enjoy the profuse colors it showers on us.

I  know every year that this wonderful blessing will happen. Why is it so easy to have faith in something like this flower that we can see and touch? But, we have such a hard time finding faith in the unseen...

I know though I cannot see that I am loved my a Heavenly being. I know that the knowledge of this love carries me daily and I am so greatful for it.

To be truly lost is not having this faith and I am thankful daily that I take those steps to have this wonderful feeling in my life.

Have a Blessed Day


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  1. Leaving by Faith takes trust...and complete release of your self!

    Your cactus looks wonderful! Mine will not bloom for me, because there is not enough light coming from the windows... But it is very green!

    Be blessed dear friend,



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