Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I am not a resolution type of person. I think, every year we set up a basic, we want to do this, this year but it isn't set in stone somethings get done and some don't.

I know the standard loose weight, get out of debt, etc, etc. But there is more to all that than just those basic things. To love ourselves and others as our Heavenly Father loves us should be the top of that list. To have faith and trust in Him, is another.

With these basics so many things can stem from us making that effort. We will love ourselves so will want to take care of ourselves more etc etc.

I love the movie The Village the lifestyle that is protrayed is one I envy. There is a line in the movie hubby and I love..." The world moves for love, it bows down before it in awe"

Love can bring to pass so many things.

This year I don't want to set goals or resolutions I want to enjoy and love all around me and humble myself to learn and grow from it.

I have many things on my mind of late but all of them are meaningless and a little silly for me to put so much energy in.

This year is a year of slidding back into what is important to me and letting the world rush by me. Creating new and positive habits, I found this neat calender 100 Days Calender she also has some other neat and cute little things for bringing the postive into our daily lives.

Have a Blessed Day


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  1. I also stopped by her blog and took a look at this calendar. It is really a wonderful tool to become focus on what is truly important.



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