Thursday, December 9, 2010

Personal Progress

For those of you have read my blog for awhile know that every summer I cook at Girl's Camp. I cook for about 110 people each meal, and that is what I plan for that number isn't exact. I have been the helper in the kitchen and this year I was camp cook. This coming summer I will be camp cook again, and am very much looking forward to it. This camp is for the young women in our church to come together and learn and grow from each other, besides not getting hardly any sleep:0)

My daughter is in the Young Women program through our church. This program is, for those who are not LDS, for girls 12 to 18 and has 3 levels depending on age. Beehives 12-14, Mia Maids 14-16, and Laurels 16-18. It is a wonderful program teaching and inspiring our daughters to be choice daughters of our Heavenly Father in an ever changing world. Teaching them values to live by to help them step into life with a firm foundation.

During their time in YW they work on Personal Progress a little booklet with 8 values to work on. Each value has different goals and accomplishments the girls work on. Virtue, Choice and Accountability, Faith, Divine Nature, Knowledge, Integrity, Good Works, and Individual Worth.

When they finish this booklet they receive their Young Women medallion.
This is the new one they just came out with this year. The girls wear it on a necklace and have the opportunity to pick gold or silver. They also can work on 2 more additions to it, 2 little bees each standing for an accomplishment on top of finishing their booklets.

My daughter recently finished her Personal Progress and last night was her Evening in Excellence. She is our only active YW in our little congregation so last night was all about her. And she did a wonderful job giving a talk, and presenting some of the things she worked on to achieve her goals.

She will receive her medallion in front of the congregation soon. This is a very important and momentous occasion for her and we are very proud of her for putting the effort into this. I have learned alot with her through the years with helping her decide and pick things to do.

She is a wonderful example to me.


  1. Congratulations to your daughter Erika! I know that it took perseverance to finish her goal.


  2. Whooo Hooooo! I know how much work that took for her to finish! Great Job!!!!


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