Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hibernating Weather

Why is it when it is cold you want something toasty warm to eat or drink? Like hot coco or hot herbal teas or better yet yummy soups and stews.

Our family is more into thick hardy stews than soups, we love eating Chili, beef stew, or like last night chucky chicken noodle soup.

They are comfort foods, hibernating foods during the sleepy days of winter. Depending on what you put in them and how you make them will determine how nutrious they are.

Yesterday, I made a roasting pan full of broth from the bones of the chickens we raised this past summer. The broth is a rich and golden color full of vitamins and good things. I let it simmer all day and pulled out enough for the chunky soup. The rest of the broth I will can up today or tomorrow.

Chicken Noodle Stew

In a pan put:
2 medium onions cut up
2 tsp of olive oil
Cook on medium heat till onions are carmelized
Set pan aside

In stock pot add

8 cups broth
2 carrot sticks cut up (I used 3)
2 celery stocks cut up ( I used 3)
¾ cup pasta uncooked
Salt and pepper to taste
Simmer till pasta is just about done.

Add a can of cooked chicken and caramelized onions I say canned, because, I canned all my chicken from last summer, and I used a jar for this. I wanted more chunky than soupy so I added extra veggies and a quart jar of chicken. I didn’t up the pasta since I didn’t want a lot of it.
We had this with crusty bread and a salad. Yummy on a cold night
Have a Blessed Day

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  1. Well Erika, I will say it again...we are kindred spirits dear one. We just love stews here in the, the temperature is 18 degrees and it calls for a nice warm bowl of stew...

    Your chicken stew looks delicious...and I bet it smells wonderful also :)



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