Friday, January 14, 2011

Journal Writing

I would say, I am not the most diligent when it comes to this. I do like doing it but most of the time I can't get myself to sit and just do it.

I go in spurts, over the years I have done it many ways always an inexpensive notebook. I do keep a notebook in my church bag and fill a couple of those of a year.

I started this journal last summer while I was studing the Proverbs 31 woman and I have added to it slowly.Things I feel are feminine and traits a woman should have.

I recently started using it as a daily journal as well. The kids do 15 minutes a day of journal writing for school and when they sit to do theirs, I do mine. Of course it has gotten to be a joy and I will jot down things through out the day sometimes.

I buy magazines for 15 cents at the library and cut all the pictures that I love out and glue them in my journal. I also add pictures to my day planner.

I'll put quotes I love, scriptures, and my feelings on topics that I usually don't converse with other people on. Like politics or the dreaded photo ID's the kids had to get the other day.

I love adding the pictures helps me focus who I am and carry that with me in my heart.

The other day I wrote a list of words like the kids freewriting excercises for their writing course. There wasn't a solid thought or sentence just words on what I felt life was meant to be.

quiet, spiritual, plain, homey, sparce, gardens, cellars with homegrown foods, chickens, ducks,turkeys,goats for milk, a donkey or 2, clotheslines, sewing, canning, separate from the world, full of love,  daily conversations with the Lord, family, laughter, non electric, hard physical work to make you feel like you actually worked, a cat or 2, oil lamps, warm wood stoves, cook fires outside under the stars, birds chirping at feeders, fresh clean air, love in abundance.

I hope your day is blessed



  1. Erika,

    What a joy it is to write your thoughts down...I started a journal, but it is not as nice as yours :)

    Thank you for sharing....


  2. Hey! Just think this is such a great idea! Thank you for sharing how you do it and how pretty you make it in such a low-budget way! God bless.


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