Monday, January 17, 2011

Plain and Simple

   at the cottage....
Dandalion and Catnip came in
Our tissue paper stars we made in Dec. We had Christmas ones during the holidays, but I like the multi colored ones.
A new bowl from the thrift
these enamals cake pans that will be perfect for eating on out at the fire when we cook out there. We will cook pizza out there tonight if the weather holds.
Over the weekend we took down this table from the hayloft and I stripped it and sanded it down. It was my grandparents table the kids used it when they were little for crafts so it had paint and stickers on it. Its about 30+ years old and a lovely Teak wood. I loved the smell as I sanded it down.
The top piece after one layer a stripping had been taken off and another applied
The table extenders, this is what the table looked like new. Since these were seldom pulled out.
Everything sanded
All done and in the house. It is such a pretty honey color. We put it behind the couch and yesterday afternoon they played Risk on it while I cross stitched on the couch. It will be perfect for doing puzzles playing games etc.
Another thrift find but this wasn't was 50 cents though I just love it on the table with candles lit.
Consignment shop find 69 cents a new cross stitch when I'm done I'll let you see what it is.

Have a simply Blessed Day


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  1. Beautiful! That table is just so lovely....and what great finds dear one :)

    Thank you for sharing...M.


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