Tuesday, January 18, 2011


We love books in our home. Lots of books, all kinds of books, we all read, all the time. Of course our bookshelf is not nearly as extensive as most people since we love the library and check out lots of books from 4 different librarys in 4 different counties. :0)

And 3 of them we have made great friendships with the librarians. When we find a book we really like and want badly enough to spend money on it. We first start looking at the used bookstore where we have a very large credit or online. We rarely buy brand new and only then when its a giftcard purchase or a great sale.

I recently bought the below books since I love them and really wanted copies of them.
I recently discovered Tasha Tudor and have been wanting this book after getting from the library. It is a very quick read and the pictures are wonderful.

This one is our second copy, sadly the first started falling apart from much love we gave it, and then Hurricane Katrina drenched it beyond repair. It is a book I tell everyone wanting to learn country life to buy.
And we also bought this book very informative and I am enjoying reading through it.

Have a simply blessed day...


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  1. I have read the first two but the last one I have never heard of...Thank you for sharing, let me know if it is a good informative book.



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