Monday, January 24, 2011

Plain and Simple

at our cottage last week.....
Cooking and the next day biscuits for breakfast. Later in the day we made lunch and cinnamon rolls for breakfast the next day.
Very battered treasures but fun for garden decorations, and little outdoor tea parties for some lucky little girl.
We found these dented and battered enamel treasures in a junk pile I want to use the cup for candles on the table by our outdoor cooking area.
This cute little pig someone tossed and tried to burn it on a burn pile. I scrubbed it up and it is just darling.
I took the pictures on my milk cans outside the chickens thought picture taking was fun.
A new plant for the house. Ash and I dug up some moss this morning and put it in an old bonsai pot it is on the kitchen windowsill down. I have wanted to do this for a long time.

A big bowl of granola for this weeks breakfasts. Once it cooled I added choc chips.
Oats, local honey, natural peanut butter, butter, coconuts, real vanilla, flax, peanuts, and choc chips. Yummy!
Herbal teas this one is Red Raspberry and dandalion the one in the jar is catnip for hubby. It helps him sleep.
A new apron and blouse maybe I will get them sewn up this week.
Yguy and I ordered this year's seeds from Seed Savers Exchange
Ash and I will ordering Chicks soon.

Hope you have a simply blessed day.



  1. Exactly what I needed to see this very morning...the simplicity and the joy of your life!

  2. I love seeing all you have been up to! :) I received your letter a few days ago! I'll be writing soon!


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