Thursday, January 27, 2011

The world as we know it...

Simplicity is my motto, if you have read this blog for any length of time you would know that.

Our family has one computer, no TV, no land line phone just cell phones we keep our lives as uncomplicated as possible. I am very much an introvert as is my husband and daughter. My son I haven't decided yet. And so to have things uncomplicated and time to refuel when things or life has gotten complicated is important to me.

We live a minimun of 20 miles from any place of substance. And the closest town are little ones, from there it is 45 minutes to something bigger. I love our solitude our quiet.

Hubby and I spent Sunday afternoon laying in the grass in front of the barn in the sun. It was so peaceful, quiet, and refueling. We actually fell asleep in the sun with a couple of barn cats and our border collar with us. The kids were making a little village by the barn with rocks, sticks, and pine needles, Yguy filled my shoes with leaves. Yes, at 16 and 14 they still play and for that I am very thankful.

Below, Yguy is using tea bags to dye some cloth to make something for school. An old fashion and simple thing to learn. I love the old fashioness of it, I have a gallon jar full of dry onion skins to use just for this same purpose at some point in time. I want to learn to use simple natural things to dye fabrics.

Last night a friend gave us this for cooking over the fire. She has never used it and thought we would get more use out it. She was very much correct we love cooking over the fire. We have a special place behind our house in the woods that we cook meals or just sit and enjoy each other and a little fire. It is in a cozy place that we cleared out last summer. Our fire pit as been in several areas but this one we all love and I think this one here to stay.
Tuesday, I let the world in the house. Hubby and I needed new phones, after washing my simple cell phone in the washer a couple of years ago it finally decided to die. Two years isn't bad for a phone that did a cycle in the washer. I was quite impressed but since we both needed new phones and our contracts were up....

 Hubby wanted to get me something with all the bells and whistles. He kept his simple, since even this computer I am using frustrates him. But for me he thought I would enjoy this little bit of technology. I have so far and the kids have figured it all out. Last night I even checked a recipe online while I was at Walmart so I could get all the ingredients.

It has lots of neat new extras, but am I sacrificing my simple values by letting this little device amuse me? We will see as the days go by so far I really like it and am having fun streamlining it to fit what I use. Calender, notepad, email, and taking off what I don't like, social networks like facebook and twitter. I have added music since that is my addiction. I love music of all kinds even rock. I want to add scriptures but as the days go by I will see how this little piece of the world grows.

What kind of cell phone do you have?
Have a simply blessed day



  1. I just happened to find your blog and love it. Your spot to cook in the woods reminds me of our spot we used to have at a home we had. It was just down a slope from the house but it made you feel like you were so secluded. It was much enjoyed. I am joining to follow your blog.

  2. Well dear friend, I don't have one :) Like you, my husband and I decided that no, we do not want to be reached at all hours by everyone. So a land line with an answering machine does its job.

    Computer is the only truly advanced technology in the cottage...otherwise, the simpler the better :)



  3. I love the way of life your family live. It is something I would dream for :) Love reading your blog.


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