Monday, January 31, 2011

Plain and Simple

at the cottage....
Pippin sleeping, his posture is saying, "Oh, mom go away with that thing!"
Buster soaking in some sun. He was hanging alot lower and snoring before I took this.
Wyatt soaking in the rays too, while working on Biology.
Ashley and her school work.
Saturday we worked in the garden, and ate lunch outside in our little copse of trees around the burnpit. We didn't have a fire there but we did in the garden burning last year's debris.

This chicken was begging right along with the cats and dog. Shes eating a handout in this blurry picture.
These are what we worked on Saturday. Our tomatoes were taller than us last year so we made these so they can grow all they want this year. The black pots Wyatt and I thought we would put mint in them.

We also mowed up the fall leaves for mulch, soon we will be mowing up spring leaves. We usually have leaves to pick up in the spring, but our fall was so dry our oaks lost alot of leaves.

Getting the meat chicken pen somewhat ready as well, our next crop of chickens to be ordered this week sometime.
I had a Relief Society meeting last week, and our theme was Cleaning the windows to our Souls. We wanted to start the year off bright and shiny and leave the struggles of 2010 behind us. Our mini lessons were on Following in the Saviors Footsteps, Lending a Hand in Service, and Cleaning the Cobwebs of 2010. We had foot soaks and foot massages, hand massages and a sugar scrub, and we made little soaps.

With what was left I took home, the kids and I made up the rest of the soaps for next month's meeting.

Have a simple blessed week


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