Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Plain and Simple

at the cottage....

I don't consider my life simple, it can be very complicated sometimes. Like over the last 3 weeks we have not been home one Saturday at least a full Saturday, and this Saturday will be no exception. That is frustrating my husband and I very much since simplity is what keeps us balanced.

But, we do so many things that are out of the norm that we consider simple and fullfilling to us. This morning hubby had to leave early for an early funeral, and so I got up and after he left showered, dressed in a simple demin dress, mixed a triple batch of banana muffins, striped my bed and put clean sheets on, and started my day.

Those sheets are now hanging on the clothesline and our quilt will be up there soon. I watered the potatoes in the garden and lite the candles in the livingroom. No phone calls or emails to answer, just me serving my family in a simple and basic way.

Today I will iron yesterday's laundry, mend clothing, wash sheets and towels, and discuss integers, ecology, and history with my children. At lunch we will take a walk to see how the forest is doing, are the crabapples getting ready to bloom, the jasmine, or dogwood that had early buds a couple weeks ago. Possibly make
bread, pick up our new baby chicks from the post office, sit and enjoy the splender around us.
Cardinal on the back porch...
repotting inside plants, replacing plastic pots with clay.
walking in the forest with our dogs and one cat
Yguy drawing on our dry erase board for dinner guests we had over the weekend
Getting seed flats ready for planting. They are all planted now with heirloom veggies and herbs...Oh we mustn't forget one flat is all flowers. See the jar it is buttermilk well it took 24 hours but it was buttermilk. I have another jar on the counter culturing right now.
Getting potatoes ready for planting, we planted them over the weekend.
A new family member, meet Mary, she is from a shelter and was abused and very timid. Very unsure but is acclimating herself very well. There are still trust issues, but is doing great. Hubby has wanted to get me a dog for awhile and Mary is bonding with me very easily.
Pippin helping Ash hang towels on the line yesterday

Even though I feel our lives can be busy at times we are trying to daily make choices that we feel will help us live a simple life. Staying away from main stream entertainment, enjoying the time we have together as a family, laughter, letting go of the world's expectations and creating our own for us.

I choose to be different and I choose to follow my path set before me, it will be unlike anyone elses but it is perfect for me.

I hope that your week is full of blessings.




  1. May your week be filled completely with Him dear friend!

    I leave inspired and filled...


  2. Dear Erika,

    I love your plain and simple life! You inspire me so much. I am so happy that you already have things growing in the garden; what a treat it will be for your family to have all that garden-fresh produce.




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