Monday, February 21, 2011


Choices, Choices, Choices, we are free to choose what we wear, what we eat, what we do in life. So many things to choose from, no wonder so many people have so many problems. But, it is our free agency to choose and not have someone or thing choose for us and tell what we are to do.

I remember in high school wanting to follow the in crowd, they all wore certain brands, certain styles, and did cool things. We were choosing to follow what we thought was the cool thing to do. But, did we listen to hear what we were suppose to do.

We all have a different path that leads us to the same destination, but we all are different and our path to that destination will be different than our neighbor because we learn differently, we are different.

But, does that mean that our neighbor or we are wrong? No, we just have to choose for ourselves what our path is. We will sometimes make a wrong turn and find that the path is no longer the one to the destination we want, so we have to back track.

And this is where that learning comes in I will learn from my adversity in a much different way than my neighbor or my family. I will learn to listen to the still small voice and then correct my course to the destination I dearly want to go to.

Our paths are different, and what we do on that path is unique to us. Heavenly Father knows we are different and knows what pertains to me and how I learn is different from my husband, and even my children.

What I choose to do in my life is what I feel is my path at that moment. Though others will criticize and chastise me for my decisions. My decisions I hope are based on what I "hear" in my prayers and in my heart for me to learn and feel what the Lord has in store for me.



  1. My relationship with Our Creator is so personal and unique to yours and to everyone else's.

    It is when we try to fit ourselves into someone else's mold that we begin to have so many problems and frustration.

    By the way, you look lovely in that shade...You look so calm in the picture :)


  2. It is so freeing when you follow where the Lord leads in matters instead of worrying what other people will think.



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