Monday, February 14, 2011

Plain and Simple

at the cottage....

a new apron made with the ladybug fabric..
hungry doves on the back porch
our new kitchen shelving. I couldn't get all the shelves in the picture
washing laundry today, sitting at the table outside doing school work, and cooking lunch on the fire
in the front pasture walking the dogs early this morning, very chilly see my black tights under my skirt. :)
"new" wooden salad bowls from a flea market over the weekend and a new dish clothe
I crocheted over the weekend.
walking the furry babies in the pasture.
a walk back up to the house and check on the coals from the weekend's fire...

We had a wonderful weekend, yard saleing, flea marketing, visiting with grandma, sweetheart dinner at church, and a refreshing sabbath.

Hope you have a simple blessed day...



  1. Oh Erika...I really like that apron - the fabric is just so festive...did you draft the pattern for the apron?

    I like those shelvings...and you are already hanging clothes on the line - I am jealous! :)

    Thank you for your letter dear friend...yours is on its way :-)

    Be blessed dear one,


  2. Maria,

    No, I didn't draft the apron pattern. A friend bought the pattern at the thrift a few years ago and it had several different aprons, and she gave it to me.

    We can actually hang our laundry all year round, except when its rainy. I was able to get it all done yesterday, and now today is ironing and mending.



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