Friday, February 11, 2011

Field Trip

We have biting cold weather over our area right now, and it has kept us inside which can be hard for the outdoor people that we are. Though, we have been trying to get out and about and walk some in the afternoons.

Yesterday, I woke with the urge to go on a field trip since we love hiking and we have wanted to visit the Crosby Arboretum we did some book work before we left and then took off for the day.

With long underwear on under my skirt, jackets, gloves, and a lunch we headed out for a day in nature.

We ate lunch next to the pond at the Pinecote Pavillion the fish loved the bread from our lunch and fish food they gave us at the visitors center. The pavillion reminded the kids and I of a scene in the recent Star Trek movie, we joked we were on Vulcan.

It was about a 2 mile walk and we walked thru several different areas bogs, woodlands, grasslands, and learned many new things. Found some interesting things out about our surroundings like bats eat 600 mosquitos in an hour,  waxmyrtle we can get wax from, witch hazel grows here, and many other things in the wild in our area we can eat.

 Cypress knees
 Bat houses were in abundance and birdhouses. We saw squirral nests as well.
 In the grasslands area. I picked up some nature things to put on our swag and in the windows. A few pinecones now in the kitchen window and gumballs from the Sweetgum tree.
 Huckleberry getting ready to bloom
This is a tree that had fallen and looks like a triceritop.

Our day was fun and we slept very well with all the fresh air and sunshine we got.

Hope you have a simple blessed day,


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  1. What a blessed day you had dear friend!

    Thank you for sharing and taking me along...



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