Monday, February 7, 2011

Plain and Simple

at the cottage....
sewing a delicious new blouse and headscarf to go with it. It was chilly when Ash took this but outside light is so much better.
Ice on the hood of my van taken last Thursday it was hanging from the roof of the chicken house, barn, and front porch.
 A yummy new muslin slip for me...the fabric is repurposed muslin from a curtain and the lace is left over from a skirt I made Ash for Christmas.
 Look at the wonderful find I found at the consignment shop Friday! I just love this pitcher and it is perfect for my herbal drinks. Would anyone by chance know the history behind this kind of pitcher? The lady at the consignment shop said it was an oldie.
 My wonderful men putting together a shelving unit for our food storage and other items. It is set up in the kitchen I just love, and will post pictures on next week's plain and simple.
 Hubby in his office at church yesterday we were folding the programs and visiting before others got there for early morning meetings. I wanted a picture of him behind his desk.
 The kitten, Pippin, scouting out the bird feeders last week.
 Another blouse I whipped together Friday night. I made this one out of bandanas, 6 of them. I just love it. It is so fun to wear. I was being chewed on in this photo.
 The yummy Brocolli Chicken cassarole I told you about.
I didn't measure anything so I will just post what I put in it.

Frozen Broculli thawed and cut up
2 cans of chicken (no, I don't buy this it)
1/4 of an onion chopped
I mixed all this up in a large bowl and then in a saucepan I made the white sauce.
Half a stick of butter melted
salt, salt, pepper, cumin, cayenne pepper all to taste.
and buttermilk.

After the sauce was ready I poured it over the ingredients in the bowl and mixed. I then poured it into a cassarole dish topped with more cheese and baked till bubbly. It was nice and tangy with the buttermilk and really good.
 Till next time....Have a simple blessed day



  1. What a delightful week you had in your lovely cottage dear friend.

    The blouses look simple and lovely. So is the headscarf :)

    Thank you for sharing...


  2. Dear Erika,

    What fun pictures! You have been busy sewing! I hope kitty didn't get any birds (Did you know that you can put cayenne on a bird that a cat has just caught, and rub it all over its face, and it won't catch birds any more?)



    p.s. I wonder what the history of your pitcher is, too. It does look perfect for infusions.

  3. Love your blog:) I just found it!! I love the color of you shirt with the Jean cute:) God bless

  4. Marqueta, I think Pippin will be introduced to cayenne soon...

    One of our barn cats caught a bird yesterday in the pasture. Ash brought it in a little upset the poor thing died in my hand.

    Love Erika

  5. Your blouse and headscarf are so beautiful and you look so beautiful in them. I know how wonderful it feels to make something you love.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine


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