Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook February

February 2, 2011

Outside my window:
This morning as we woke it was 29 degrees it will warm to the 40's today but not much into them. It is bright and clear though. It rained all day yesterday, but made our little nest comfy. The dogs slept, the cats were sprawled on whatever lap they could get to, across the back of the couch, or tucked into a cubby hole somewhere hiding from the kitten. Who isn't all that much of one anymore, at 5 months old he is about their size but a good pounce every now and then is good for everyone, including the dogs. They all, including the people of the house got pounced this morning.

I am thinking:
Let's see little rambles, the slip to put the elastic in the waistband and then it will be done, handles for the new church bag I am making, take hubby to get his tux measurments for the wedding he is going to be in, sugar cookies for 4H today the dough is in the fridge; spring, can't wait for it to come; Pippin, my little fur ball; candles, oil lamps, laundry, yummy homemade recipe I made last night that I will share sometime soon.... 

I am Thankful for:
pen friends, blogs that inspire, friends, family...

From the Learning Rooms:
pre algebra, biology, history, home ec, english, but for today 4H and history since we will be going to the big town.

From the Kitchen:
sugar cookies colored pink for 4H, a yummy chicken brocolli cassarole, herbal teas that I love.

I am wearing:
a long demin skirt I made a couple years ago from a pair of jeans, a green pullover, warm clothing for the cold day ahead. No jewelry my hair in up in barrets but I don't know if I'll put it all the way up.

I am creating:
well, I have a stack of fabric on the washer to wash for turning into yummy things. On the sewing table a new slip, church bag, a tie for Yguy I finished yestersday....

I am hoping for a wonderful day with my children at 4H and on the drive to Gulfport. My kitten, Pippin, is sitting next to me finally worn out from all his poucing and run in the pasture with the dogs. The birds are at the feeders in the backyard, Ring Neck Doves always in a pair, Chipping sparrows love them all.

Ashley is working on her seminary for the morning, the animals are fed I am getting ready to bounce Yguy out of bed. He is my late night person, Ash is my early morning riser. Get breakfast made, dinner made somewhat for tonight since we will be gone all afternoon.  Take delicious sips of my raspberry and dandalion tea, watch as the kids cut out sugar cookies decorate them with chocolate sprinkles and bake up their goodness.

 A reminder of summer's delights....

Have a simple blessed day


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