Monday, February 28, 2011


Common weeds of footpaths and lawns, the plantians were once celebrated as magical herbs in the pre-christian times,  and have followed European settlers around the world.

Plantain is the best first-aid remedy for insect stings, and quickly deals with bites, cuts, and ulcers. It is widely available, safe to use and effective for a number of common ailments including old coughs, bronchitis, sore throats and irritable digestive tracts. Backyard Medicine by Julie Bruton-Seal and  Matthew Seal.

I found this near my mom's back deck Friday, the kids and I were visiting and going to Academy to get a kennel for our new dog. I was so excited to find this. The species of Plantain is called Great Plantain, Plantago Major.

This is my first time finding this plant but I have used it with much success in the past. On my son who had a nasty spider bite. I used plantian in a poultice along with some other things that have escaped my memory, he was 3 so that was a long time ago. I wrapped the mixture in white muslin and changed it often through the day. The next morning after the first day you could see the poison on the cotton. It drained for a day or 2 after that so I changed the poultice often. He had so lasting problems and the poultice didn't affect his playtime or his 3 yr old wonderings. We had success with our goats using it the same way.

Here is more information on this wonderful weed...

Alternative Nature Online Healer

My mom was horrified for the reason I was picking her weeds. I told she was going to weed eat it anyway so I will grab what I can before she does. I also dug up 2 bigger plants to see if I could transplant it to my flower bed by the front door. Fingers Crossed it will take a liking to its new surroundings.

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  1. It grows profusely here in the cottage dear friend :-)

    Thanks for sharing...



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