Friday, March 25, 2011


One of my orders for herbs came in today. I am excited, the box smelled lovely when we opened it.

We have been keeping our eyes open for herbs and useful plants in our area as well as buying herbs. And reading all we can to relearn what we have forgotten over the years.

I bought the stuff to make hubby a salve for his back. I have only done it once before and it was easy enough, so since he has to work tomorrow that's what I'll be doing besides sewing.

I have cut 6 skirts for me, 1 slip for Ash, and sewn one of the skirts. This summers skirts will me a little more girly with a little lace and rick a rack. I am also adding length to them


  1. Yes! You are doing the same wonderful! Share the skirts - let me see your creativity dear friend :-)

    I live close to a dry goods store, so this kind of ordering is not beneficial...but I am glad you got yours already :)


  2. I'm trying to grow herbs and an planning to expand this year but some medicinal herbs are kinda hard to find. So will have to buy what I can't grow.


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