Monday, March 21, 2011

Our Homegrown Market

I have sold our homeschool stuff in different ways throughout the years, but I decided to try it another way this time. Right now there are 6 things listed and soon to be more as I go through stuff etc.

I also want to add things that I find in other places that would be good for little ones or even big ones. Learning is an everyday thing for the young and the old. So as I find interesting things that I think would be great for learning for all ages I will add it to this blog.

I am wanting to raise a little money for our children's school books but also for an addition onto our home. We own our home free and clear and want to keep it that way so we are saving over the next year to have a family room and screened in porch onto the back of our home. The family room will be our room for all our learning tools from school, sewing, piano, and all the learning things our family, youth and adult enjoy.

From the sale of the items on this new blog and my Etsy Store I am hoping I can contribe some to this family project.

I hope you have a blessed day....




  1. What a wonderful thing to work towards! I wish you the best of luck! *hugs*

  2. This is a great idea Erika! I know that Our Lord will bless this endeavor :)



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