Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Plain and Simple

at the cottage....
Winter wardrobe is packed away and summer things are coming out. Planning in going on for adding items to our summer things I will post them when they come to fruition. Above skirt, apron, and new top.
Grinding grain (white wheat) for bread.
Mixing of bread, the loaves are out of the oven now and look yummy. I made them with mostly butter for the liquid to help with digestion and absorption of vitamins.
Homemade buttermilk and a new jar with starter from old and milk to set on the counter to make yummy goodness. The milk is local and fresh.
This is Penelope our new sewing helper. We bought her at the youth yard sale Saturday for $2 she is older, but in great shape. She is a European style, I am looking forward to sewing with her soon.

The kids rolling pennies from our penny jar. Isis, just got a bath so that is the white blur at the bottom of the photo. She was going spastic over being wet. She is at 1.8 lb now, walks normal, and her coat is slowly loosing its yellow color and rouge texture. She still sleeps alot but that too, is slowly normalizing.

Hubby is sick so for dinner I am making chicken noodle soup with our canned chicken we raised, soup stock from the bones of those same chickens and lots of garlic.  I carmelized the onions they smelled so good with homemade wheat bread it should be a hearty healthy meal.

And onto another annoucement I would like to see how others live plain and simple and want to invite you to share with me and others your simple life. Whether your in an appartment, house, or farm I want to see. I learn from seeing what others do and I am inspired daily by those around me.

So next Tuesday I will post my Plain and Simple and I invite you to do a post like it with the below header linking back here I will have a way for you add your link to the post or in the comments section. I haven't decided yet what I want to do.

I hope to see you here and learn from you.

Have a blessed day....



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  1. Oooo...I really like this Erika! Yes, I will be joining you :) What a wonderful idea - this way we are able to encourage each other through this journey.

    Blessings my friend,



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