Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Plain and Simple March 30, 2011

at the cottage....
New curtains in our room made with vintage pillowcases.

Herbal Salve making for sore muscles etc. This is making the oil first then the salve...
Update: We did make the salve and I just love it of course I have only had it for a day. But making something all by yourself is very rewarding.

Dogwood blooms brought into the house and are beautifing the house in vases everywhere including the bathroom. This one is the biggest in my favorite vase, a milk glass vase I found for $1. I found the same one at an antique for $10.

The Wisteria in bloom

Of course we had to bring some in to fill the house with the lovely fragrance...
Heaven surely has this aroma throughout....

sewing....Ash sewing pink pajama pants for a "P" party (pink, purple, pizza, pajamas, popcorn, etc) that the YW hosted before the YW Broadcast. She made me a pair as well mine had little strawberries on them.
Collecting more stuff for a yard sale hence the bag under the table behind her.

Below is the fabric for 2 of my new skirts, I will show you more in another post.

Fruit smoothies love them...They are in new glasses I found at the thrift store, love them, they go with the 1/2 gallon mason jar pitcher I found a couple months ago.

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