Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Plain and Simple

at the cottage....

I know another one~but I have been up since 3:45am so............
Isis, napping...this is just about all she does besides eat. But she is walking better...when we walks, and she is looking better.
Raspberries sprouting need to get them in the ground

Sniff real might smell the loviness coming from these beauties
I can't wait for the roses to bloom I have plans for them....
Mary in her harness, she went to the airport with me this morning to take hubby too early this morning. It was nice having her companionship with me....
The ladies this morning, the black one is the rooster, his name is Darth Maul. Hes actually afraid of everything and doesn't live up to his name very well at all, and all his ladies are alot bigger than him. 

The barn I love this barn...

the clotheslines in the early morning sun...

Strawberries sprouting, we planted 50 over the weekend

potatoes! Love them.

And I am happy to report nettle growing in the meat chicken yard. They are not in this yard yet but will be in a couple of weeks that will give this lovely time to grow more along with its cousins so I can harvest it.

Sassafras is showing signs of  growth to can't wait to harvest of of them.

Have a blessed day


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  1. Oh Erika...what a beautiful place you have been blessed with! Truly a calm and restful place...I can hear the chickens if I stay quiet enough :-)



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