Thursday, March 3, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook , March 3, 2011

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Outside my window...
Breezy and lovely, the windchimes are chiming on the front porch softly, the breeze in the trees is relaxing,
I am thinking...
Of a jumble of things
I am thankful for...
The knowledge my husband I gained 15 years ago...Families CAN be together forever
I am wearing...
A demin skirt, flannel top, and socks
I am creating...
Right now a blog post other than that nothing, for now....

I am going...
to the vet to pick up two kitties who got fixed today in an hour or so, take my daughter and someone else to seminary, and enjoy the evening with my family
I am reading...
Nothing to detailed... I have been reading ALOT of Amish books not just fiction but books about them. I found out we had Amish in our area in the 20s, 30s, and 40s. After a trip to the library I found out they were right here where we live now and a house I just love is the last remaining house they built. I love this house it has a little carriage house with it and everytime we drive by I just drool.
I am hoping...
That the next couple of weeks goes easy for my husband and his sister as they deal with and sift thru my father-n-laws affairs. He passed away this morning after a long illness.

I am hearing...
My hubby snore, after many restless nights and an emotionally trying day he is asleep and I am sitting here on the bed with him. Our rat terrier is next to him and his cat is on him. They are all sleeping.
Around the house...
The kids are quietly playing a new game, the older cats are enjoying a relaxing day without Pippin who is one of the cats getting fixed, the new chicks are in a pen outside now along with a heat lamp and lots of food and water. Since this breed (Cornish Roasters) eat like there's no tomorrow.
One of my favorite things...

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

These are The T's, Thing 1 and Thing 2. They are brothers and are very spoiled, they love their people very much, and are becoming very good at catching mice. You can't hear but they were purring very loudly together while I took this picture.


  1. Oh my goodness, those cats are just adorable!

    Thank you for sharing your day Erika...I pray that your days are better for your hubby and yourself.


  2. The cats are adorable, I've always loved orange tabby cats. Sounds like a peaceful day.

  3. Dear Erika,

    I hope little Pippin is feeling better by now!

    The orange tabbies are adorable; just like Morris. :)

    How neat to find out the history of your house; there is just something special about the Amish!



  4. Marqueta,

    Unfortunatly the Amish house isn't my house :(
    I reread what I wrote and it was confusing the house I am referring to is not far from here, I see if I can get a picture to post.

    They were settled in this area though I found it very exciting. I also found out they settled in another small town near us and a small community close to the coast near my mom. I am hoping to find info on those communities as well.



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