Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Plain and Simple Wednesday

at the cottage....

a lovely sunrise last week that we had to take a picture of as we were driving to our volunteering.

Ash and I working in the herb garden. Turning the soil and planting Rosemary, Chamomile, Bee Balm, Lemon Balm, Chives, there are some more but I can't think of them right now.  Oh lavender, it was so nice squishing around in barefeet.

My shadow with my hat that Yguy gave me its one of hubby's camo ones. I love it, but it is kinda hot so my straw hat will be coming out soon.

Yguy and I found these lovelies at the veggie stand Delphiniums for $5, so we bought 4. See the two wash tubs we planted two different mints in them. I love mint, but it can take over so I always try to plant it in a container.

We also bought some Dianthus and parsley to go on either side of the walkway. The wagon wheels were a anniversary gift to hubby from me on our 2nd anniversary, 16 years ago, these babies have been across the country and back. Our milk can collection was given to me on my 25th birthday by hubby...12 years ago.

I also love old metal buckets, wash tubs, wind chimes, clay pots....

This morning we had whole wheat choc chip scones.  I made them with yogurt for the liquid, local honey for the sweetner, and organic choc chips from Whole Foods. Oh and fresh ground white wheat, they were yummy and my fingers didn't go numb like they do when we have something with white flour or sugar.

Our homemade granola makes my fingers numb but I can't remember what I made it with that would cause it. So I will have to experiment and see.

I made these yummy sandwich rolls for dinner.  Sometimes I get tired of making bread, so I will make sandwich rolls instead. These were so easy and fun to make I  got the recipe and how to from here.

Our spring is starting off with very good things, and it feels so good to work outside. Even when my hair sticks to my neck, but that is when my scarves really come in handy. Laundry hanging on the line, flowers blooming, brand new leaves everywhere and that spring green fills my soul with happiness.

We have almost all the equipment and ingredients to make our first batch of soap, Monday the lye came in, I also bought the lye to make liquid soap from here.

 Ash annouced she likes washing her hair with baking soda she didn't want to use liquid, well that is fine I told her...I do too. I have added aloe to mine when I wash and that has helped with my dry scalp. I think, no matter what I will always have dry skin thanks to my eczema. I have also started using an egg every once in awhile to condition my hair. I love the basicness of it all. I only use aloe on my face as well, why buy all those lotions etc I rarely wear makeup and when I do it is foundation and blush.

Yguy helped me make capsules Monday with our new capsule machine. He said, "Mom, since your going all herbie Ash and I will too." It was quite funny coming from my very pickie and stubborn son.

I hope that you find as much joy in your plain and simple as I do...

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Love, Erika

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  1. My dear Erika,

    If I can only express how much of an example you have been to me these past months...thank you for your guidance - even if you had no idea what you were doing, your loveliness and your simplicity was like a balm to my inner thoughts. A letter is forthcoming.




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