Thursday, April 7, 2011

Two Years and a Giveaway!

Today is my 2nd anniversary in this Homegrown Family space. It doesn't seem like it, it seems much more... I have tried to keep this space simpler than my other space and so far I think it has been.

I really like blogging, reading blogs of those around the world is so refreshing and inspiring. Learning from others. I spend way to much time blogging, but I have learned alot about who I am. And I have tried to balance myself and this path in my life.

I hope to keep going, though I have at one time considered leaving.

So with this anniversary I would like to do my first giveaway. 

I am giving away a jar of homemade apple butter and 3 homemade dishclothes in the color of your choice.

All you have to do is comment and tell me what you enjoy most about your simple life and what else you would like to do with it. Oh and the color of the dishclothes you would like.

To get two entries into this giveaway, blog about it and in the comment section and leave a link to your post.

I will be drawing the winner's name on April 14th.


  1. My dear Erika, you have been a blessing to me more than you know. The simpler your space got, the more Our Lord Jesus continued to guide me here.

    Oh Erika, I would like to keep my space, my home, my heart, my inner being as simple and plain as Our Lord wills it. To not allow the craziness of this world to infiltrate and to learn from others as they walk this journey.

    Being simple is not what the world thinks. It is really a surrender to His Will completely and totally. In the more external aspect of my plain and simple stop fussing and just living with the essentials, which also includes beauty :=)

    Congratulations in reaching 2yrs. I have been blogging on and off for the same time, but I know that now, if Our Lord wills it, I will be able to keep my space opened for as long as that.

    Thank you for your friendship and for inspiring me to be true to what He wants me to be.


    Mrs. M.

  2. What I love about my 'simple life' style is that every day, I have a day that is full and satisfing. I feed and care for our animals, milk and gather eggs, scratch around in the dirt in our garden boxes, play in the kitchen, tidy up my home and belongings. I listen to pretty music. I walk outside on grass in the sunshine. I see, hear, and feel all the wonderful things that God created.

    I am filled with peace and joy.


  3. Dear Erika,

    Ah, the simple life! Being who we truly are, and not conforming to the world. That's my idea of simplicity. I love the feel of earth on my feet and under my fingernails as I grow a garden, and look for wild edibles that God has given free for the taking. Making do with what I have and making a game of it are creative and enjoyable, too.



    p.s. We like pink and blue here! :)


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