Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Plain and Simple Wednesday

at the cottage....

making  rope jewerly early one morning.

building a sapling trellis for our moonflower and morning glory seedlings. Below Ash was supervising....

New infusion pots and homemade vanilla simmering. Honeysuckle is blooming so I had to pick some, the aroma is heavenly.

a new skirt finished Saturday no this top isn't the one for it, I had just finished it and Yguy took my picture trying it on.

putting up fence posts around the garden, Ash and I cut them in the morning, Yguy dug the holes, and we put the fence up later in the day when it is complete I will post a picture.

Under one of our big oak trees Sunday afternoon waiting for hubby who was out visiting church members. We napped and then sat under this tree, it was a very restful afternoon

Oh and messing around on the computer while we rested. :0)

I found a wonderful website and have signed up to learn all about cooking the Nourishing Traditions way. Gnowfglins I am loving learning and watching all the helpful videos. I love the book but it can be very overwhelming and this takes that overwhemling away. 
The above picture is my sourdough starter I have made them before but this one so far seems the easiest, the pot next to it is a thrift store find to hold garlic isn't it cute?

Sassafras decoction and sprouts. I made this decoction in the crockpot and then I'll freeze it in ice cubes to add to my infusions. This was the last of my sassafras root we dug up this past fall, but hubby and  I found a bunch in the woods while walking around and will be digging it up soon.

Ghee, I made this yesterday with butter from our milk farm we buy our milk from. It was so easy and interesting to make. Next to it is honey and honeysuckle flowers soaking in the sun for 2 weeks to make a sore throat remedy.

Our week has been full of gardening in the morning and school in the afternoon. We have just a few weeks left before camps start and summer canning etc. I am looking forward to all the canning and putting food up for the coming year.

We have ducklings coming in this week sometime and turkeys next week. We look forward to the activity of a bunch of babies.

I have been learning alot from Gnowfglins it is fun learning and this is no exception.

All 3 of  my readers :0) commented on the giveaway so I am giving them all something. If Debbie could email me her address and her and Marie tell me the colors they would like their dishclothes I will get these things in the mail to all 3 of you wonderful women. Be patient it will take me a week or two to get them made.

I hope your week is simply wonderful. Feel free to leave a link to your Plain and Simple post to share with others your simple choices.

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  1. I love the scenery in your pictures. You live in such a beautiful area. Oh, and I love your new skirt. :)

  2. LOVE the link you shared on the courses online!! We are moving towards more organic here in our home - and I am so glad you shared this class! Hope you are doing great! We are getting settled and I will write soon!

  3. Hi Erika...

    Thank you for making the kitchen towels....I love beige/tan/blue (dennim or navy) I have been checking out the Gnowfglins videos too....but I won't have time to take any of the courses till next winter.

    If you don't have success with your sour dough, I would love to send you some of mine....I got it over 2 years ago from King Arthur's Flour, and it makes wonderful bread. My very favorite way to enjoy it is to make up rolls, freeze the dough balls, and have them ready to make fresh rolls whenever we want them. They freeze really well, and they rise nice.

    You never did say....was your little Jersey calf a heifer or bull calf? Are you guys going to have your own milk cow?

    Thank you again.

    Have a great day!!!

  4. My dear friend,

    Again a fountain of information as always, and an example of living simply and plainly for your lovely family.

    I will stop by the link. I agree with you on the book. It is overwhelming and so full of information.

    And the know how much I enjoy wearing long skirts and yours, a beautiful a-line that just looks lovely on you :)

    Love from here in the mountains of PA,

    Mrs. M.

  5. Hello,

    PS. I have started a blog to connect others who are trying to live more simply and old fashioned - you are welcome to join in the fun (Let me know and I can email you to be an author). The link is:

  6. Interacting with the natural environment is essential for a successful life...


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