Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Plain and Simple Post

Yesterday, was so much fun as usual I really like feeding all those missionaries. They love to eat that is for sure, we fed them taco salads and brownies.

I surprised one of the sisters helping and had them sing her happy birthday then they sang Called to Serve.  The kiddos helped serve this year and we saw many that we know from volunteering at the storehouse. In our little branch we do not have a pair so we don't interact or get to know them all that much.

It is truly a blessing to serve them who give up two years so serve, they do so much.

Today, is my husbands birthday a couple of months ago I found him this cast iron tractor at the thrift store. It is so heavy, the wheels turn, and its old. He is also getting steak for dinner, he loves steak and I don't buy it much because of the cost.

Last week while going to the milk farm Ash and I saw these on the side of the road roaming around. Two were Toms and two were hens, the toms were struting around and spreading their tails to show how handsome they were. They were trying very hard to court those two ladies.

This week has been busy I am slowly narrowing down and refining my list for camp, getting things ready for our big canning sessions in a couple weeks, and piling things in the living room for a yard sale. We bought a bigger pressure canner, an outside cooker so the canning can be done outside so the house isn't so hot. I'm looking forward to canning this year and also am stocking up on jars every payday.

We are very dry at the  moment so watering is a must everyday. We are looking for bales of hay now for next years garden since I think hay will be scarce this year. We are wanting to create another garden area in front of the house so that will be created this summer as well. This deep mulch no tilling method takes a little preplanning but we love it. A layer of manure and then a thick layer of hay to sit and compost till next spring will help make the soil nice.

Well, I must go some things to do and then the kids and I putting up an electric fence since my dog is an escape artist and has killed a couple of our meat chickens.

Have a blessed day



  1. I wish I could send you some of our rain! It has been raining everyday all week! I am anxious for the sun so I can plant some more!

    I love feeding the missionaries. When I lived in the midwest I helped feed them on zone conference many times and it was so wonderful - a sweet spirit!


  2. Can I send you some rain your way? I have too many :)

    Happy Birthday to your hubby! I know that he will enjoy himself immensely today...

    Lots of love dear friend,

    Mrs. M.

  3. Dear Erika,

    You may have some of my rain, too! :) We're getting buckets right now.

    We're feeding a threesome of missionaries at dinner tonight, so I'd better get off and clean the house! It's fun to know that we are doing the same sorts of things (you and I).

    I received your BEAUTIFUL cloths today, and letters; I am so happy with them! Thank you so much!

    I'll be putting together a little something for you soon, too.




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