Monday, May 9, 2011

Hand Lotion so Simple to Make...

I have wanted to make lotion for myself for awhile and last week I tried one recipe that I didn't like at all. But the other day found one I had to try, and it turned out beautiful. I wanted to use lavender essential oil but Yguy asked if I would use lemon since he does not like lavender. :0) I clean with it and he really dislikes it so I have gotten other oils to rotate around.

You start out with a liquid oil like olive oil or like what I used grapeseed oil you need 6 ozs of this. Pour it into a glass measuring cup with a handle. Then add 3 ozs solid oil like coconut. Place in a pan of water  and start heating it up to melt the solid oil add to this 1 oz beeswax. Stir to help melt the wax.

While this is melting measure out 9 oz of water. I added the essential oil to this, but you can add the oil at a later stage.

Bring oils and wax to room temp. It will start looking opaque as it cools, stir it while its cooling. I put it in a bowl with a couple of ice cubes and cool water.

Bring the 9oz of water to room temp and slowly add oils to water while mixing on high with your blender.

You have to keep mixing on high or the water and oils/wax mixture won't combine. Keep mixing till it turns a creamy color.

After this I tired the scent and added for essential oil to it. It smells like lemon cream pie and we could almost eat it. :0)

We are thinking of other ways we could use things to make our own lotions. Like oatmeal....

That is what I did today as well as Yguy making chain mail like the Knights of old wore. Well, not as big and elaborate, but still fun. Learning new skills is so much fun!




  1. I like it! That sounds fun and simple.

  2. What a wonderful recipe! I would love to try it!!! :) You always have such great things to share!

  3. Dear Erika,

    I love making lotions and creams, too! And it is very hard to not take a nibble, they smell so good. And they're so much nicer than store bought.




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