Thursday, May 5, 2011

Let's go for a hike

Yesterday, we went for a a hike at Flint Creek a national park near us. We met hubby there for lunch and then walked for a couple of hours. We had fun and found lots of little pine cones for my collection.

Lunch, homemade sour dough crackers, so good! Chicken salad from our canned chicken, cheese, and pickles.  Hubby met us to show us where they will be camping this summer for a week. It is a pretty location to spend a week.

Pretty flowers were blooming..

Mushrooms sprouting new houses for fairies. This one was a condominium it was dinner plate size.

We found this hand jack for water at an area just for boyscouts to camp. Of course we had to pump water from it.

And get our hands wet...

Down from there was the lake.  And of course we had to go wading, yes you can wade in a skirt though I did have to hike it up some. The wind was causing waves and my skirt still got a little wet. :0)

Yguy, wouldn't get in the water but he took lots of pictures.

Skipping rocks, the wind and little waves didn't help with this. But we were able to skip some.

It was such a lovely day.

I hope your day is just as lovely.



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