Friday, June 17, 2011

Little Things

I finally sat down and made myself finish this apron yesterday. I wanted it for feeding the animals and working in the garden. Those last minute things, that I really don't want to change my clothing to do, but I always seem to get messy doing.

I love this apron it wraps all the way around...the only thing I don't like is my lack of memory when it comes to putting it on and off. It crosses in the back and so has to be put on in a weird way, my children are graciously helping me till I can remember which arm hole goes over what shoulder and where my head goes in all of this. I am a constant amusement for my children. :0)

The turkey dinners are growing. The little Toms are so cute when they puff all up. We have six and they will puff up when we come to check on them or talk to them. And the seven hens are just slowly passing thru life, turkeys are definately nature's blonds they are the funniest to raise we are having fun with them.

And then the ducks are doing very well. They are the barn yard bullies and have one female that is very dominate. We have put in a pool for them to swim in, and they splash water everywhere, the drakes' tails are getting their little curl. They are quacking quite well, and I am sure the neighbor can hear them.

We joked about naming the dominate female Hilary, after Hilary Clinton, but we are not a very political family and I would like to name her after someone I actually like and admire. Mother Tereasa or Tasha Tudor. No wait, Mrs. Bennett from Pride and Prejudice or Lady. Ludlow from Cranford. We could name all the females after Jane Austin's or Elizabeth Gaskill's characters and the drakes Mr Darcy and Mr Bingley. 

What do you think?

Have a blessed day and weekend.




  1. I love the idea! We named our chickens after characters from the Little House books and Little Women :)

    The apron turned out lovely! You look beautiful!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I really like your hair Erika...nice and long and free!

    I know just what you mean about this apron. It takes a bit getting used to. But the coverage is wonderful for everyday chores especially gardening ones.

    Thinking of you my friend,


  3. Love your apron! I have one I wear and my brother-in-law teases me over it :O( I still love wearing it though!

    *Christi jo*

  4. I love that apron!! That is the exact type of apron I would love to make/get!! :) Just love it! Wonderful job!



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