Thursday, June 16, 2011


I am one of those people that believes to feel fullfilled in this life you need to work, and work hard.  That doesn't mean that I work hard everyday...:0) And on the days I am lazy I get very blue. On the days that I work I feel like I've accomplished something, and on the days I fall into bed exhausted I know I have done a good days work.

I know that there are many in this world who want it easy and a few years ago I learned that one of the counties I live near has a 40% multiple welfare recipent rate. Meaning that 2 or 3 generations of the family have and do live off welfare and don't work at all and never have. One generation taught the other and so on. This is all they know and all they want.

I know for me to feel like I have done a job well, I feel fullfilled, but to not do anything I know I have not followed Heavenly Father's plan. I need to meet him somewhere along the line, do my part no matter how large or small it is. He is always there to help me along and guide me.

In the end I learn so much about myself and Heavenly Father.

Yesterday, the kids and I went to an organic blueberry farm near us. Not 5 minutes from our home, we had a lovely time. Yguy is very into Greek, Roman, and Egyptian myths, and at the moment Egyptian, so he gave us a lesson on the different gods and goddesses they believed in. We had an interesting discussion on why they believed in many and not the one and only etc.

The blueberries were so abundant we had 2 gallons in less that an hour. They were so juicy and good my tongue and lips were blue from eating them off the bush. We came home and canned a gallon up for this winter's scones, pancakes, and other delights. And left the other gallon to eat as we want, or we might make jam out of them.

I also wrapped up the cheddar cheese I made Monday I can't wait to try it in 4 weeks.

We also canned up 19 pints of chicken meat yesterday and today we are simmering the bones with herbs to make a yummy stock to can up.

This time of year is full of work but it feels so good. Sometimes I feel like a chicken with my head cut off running around, but in the end it feels very rewarding, and I feel like I've done a job well and to be proud of.

Today, is another day of work weeding some, adding worms to the compost, and some others small things that need our attention. At the end of the day I hope to feel I've done a job well.

I hope you have a blessed day..




  1. I completely agree with you! I am still learning, but in the past few months I have come to realize the same thing—that if I do a good day's work, I'm happy, and if I don't do anything, I'm miserable. It's an amazing thought that God made us to need work!

  2. Dear Erika,

    Yes, work is a blessing! May our children learn and understand this important concept.

    The blueberries look so delicious, and won't it be nice knowing that you will have the fruit of your labors to feed your family in the coming months!



  3. I just wanted to let you know that I have been enjoying reading your blog :O)


  4. I know what you mean! This is the beginning of canning for us and it is a blessed but busy time of year! I love it! I love having things to do! :) Enjoy your season of work dear friend!

  5. Erika: CAN you share how to make chedder cheese. We seem to use ALOT of that. Thanks. Virginia in Tooele County, UT


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