Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Plain and Simple Wednesday

at the cottage...
Rain coming in, very much needed and wanted. It was this lovely little storm that brought almost golf ball size hail and then pea size hail. The garden was a little banged up but all is well nothing was seriously injured. There were leaves everywhere and we are raking them up and using them for mulch in the garden.

Last night we started slaughtering chickens and noticed  a few little holes and cracks in the siding of our house, we didn't see them before because of all the leaves sticking on everything. But, still nothing serious.

We did have this visitor the next morning, the storm scared him and he broke thru the electric fencing at his home. He was very friendly and like a big dog I retrieved one of our lunge lines from the barn and tied him up he was happy to eat the grass till we took him home. His owners didn't come looking for him and Yguy wanted to keep him, ;) This is the third time something has spooked him and hes come to our house.

Our new canner! I love this thing, 14 quarts at a time can be canned in this beauty.  We also kept our other which holds 7 quarts and I have used them both at the same time and canned things up very fast having 2 going. It made canning the 65 quarts of tomatoes go much faster. I prefer to can my tomatoes at 10lbs pressure for 15 minutes, though I know I do not have to. I have done both ways and this way works so much better and faster for me.

Making apple cider vinegar, we use this for our hair and making it is so easy. I start out with apples, 2 in this batch, fill a gallon jar with cool water, and then add a little vinegar from your last batch or any raw vinegar with the mother present. I have added sugar, 1/3 cup per gallon, in the past but am trying this batch without.

Ashley having fun with flowers in her hair. She said I need to go to our fall harvest as Mother Earth and her as my apprentice. Then changed it to one of the fairies on Mid Summers Night Dream. So long flowing dresses my be in our future.
And the messy sewing table with quilt projects, clothing, etc. Its a never ending rotation of an organized mess. Well somewhat organized....

A katydid on the back porch..

An inch worm on my napkin while we were eating at a shop in town.

Eating in town such a lovely shop we enjoy the chicken salad and chicken enchilada soup. Ash is drinking IBC root beer by the way. ;)

If you would like to join in Plain and Simple Wednesday leave a comment with a link to your Plain and Simple Post and I will add you to the list below. I would like to try something besides Mr Linky so we will try this for awhile. Remember to link back to here in your post. 

Have a blessed day.
Love Erika


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  1. Dear Erika,

    I'm glad you had some rain; the hail is a little scary, though!

    What a beautiful, well-groomed horse! I'm glad that he was easy to catch.

    And I'm glad that the inchworm didn't end up on someone's plate! :0




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