Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Plain and Simple Wednesday

at the cottage....
the garden, after we dug potatoes...We planted butternut squash in its place, they are coming up nicely.

the kids are at work..I was to, but I had to take a picture

Isis, at the vet. She is doing wonderful and has recovered from her time in the woods. The vet gave her a clean bill of health all parasites gone, anemia taken care of, and weight is building. She is quite active now and walks beautifully not one problem in her hind legs anymore. Her natural curiosity is very active now and she wants to explore everywhere.

60lbs of taters they are so lovely looking. 

picking green beans yesterday with Ash...Yguy did come out and help halfway through. We are morning people, he is not, so we were out there early, but he did help snap all of them 10 lbs worth. We canned them up yesterday and filled 24 quarts and had some for dinner.

sunflowers and Trail of Tears beans, they are black beans I can't wait for try them.

snapping beans under the oak tree. We had a very curious young squirral watching us very closely. He watched us last week as well. He gets very close and pretends to be foraging he is very and young.

I refurbished an old birdhouse yesterday as well as painting new ones.

Lots of tomatoes are coming in, and today we are going to a upick to pick even more as well as peppers and whatever else we can find. We do this every year and have fun spending lots of time canning it all up. A friend is going with us this year so it should be loads of fun.

Below is Mr Linky for you to link up and share your Plain and Simple Life. What are you doing that make things so simple and basic in your life whether you are an old hand at old fashion things, or your life is simplified by other means let us know. Blog about it link to this post and lets learn from each other.

All I ask is keep it nice, and but a link in your post to here. I look forward to learning from you....


  1. Everything looks so beautifully green!

    How wonderful that you are already digging garden is just starting to come alive.

    Hitting the high 90's today.

  2. Dear Erika,

    Wow, your garden is doing wonderfully! That's a lot of potatoes and beans, too!

    I'm glad that Isis is doing better.



  3. Your blog is beautiful! I just wanted to climb right in to the pictures and help you with your garden...

    Blessings, Debbie


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