Monday, July 25, 2011

Little Friends

We moved here about five and half years ago, not long after moving here we built a big barn. Well it seems that since almost to the day of its completion it has been a wonderful place to see our wildlife neighbors.

I have, twice now, almost stuck my hand in a feed container and grabbed hold of a oppossum. Right at the last minute I see what I am about to grab. Both times the barn was dark and I was feeding in the early morning. The last time was this last spring and a big, fat, very pregnant one was in the cat food. We laid the container on it side outside of the barn and she slowly waddled away.

It has become a weekly thing to see a raccoon in the barn, but lately it is almost daily. And now she has taken to stopping and looking at the person who finds her before running off into the forest.

A couple months ago she was in the hay loft all four of us had fun peeking up through the stairway at her before she climbed down a beam and ran out the front door.

We have been thinking of catching her and releasing her somewhere else since she has been getting bolder and bolder.

Last week Ash and I were walking and we found 3 young coons in a big oak tree on one of our trails. They were trying to hard to hide from us....

This one was trying to hard to hide, he had his face stuck in the tree and all that moved were his little ears listening to use walk around the tree. I think he thought he was doing a wonderful job of imitating this tree and that we did see him.

If you look closely you can see this ones mask and stripped tail. He was hanging on the side of the tree trying really hard to hide, but was not succeeding very well.

There was another up higher than these two that I could not get a good picture of, but all you could see was his face and his eyes peeping over and watching us.

We did see momma right after this coming from the barn. So I guess relocating her will have to be canceled, which is OK we just have to make sure containers are closed better and maybe set up a little area for her and her brood by this tree for us to put little snacks sometimes.

I love the little gifts we are given in this world when so much hatred is happening all over.

Have a blessed day...




  1. Even though I don't have a barn, little critters make it into our garden and around our house - they are adorable to watch....but only from a distance ;-D

    Happy Monday Erika!


  2. Dear Erika,

    We have a raccoon around our place, too; I told Frankie last night that he'd have to catch it so he can make his own cap like Davy Crockett's. He kept begging his sisters to go into the woods with him and get it, but they refused, oddly enough! :)

    Your pictures are great; the coons remind me of toddlers thinking that as long as they can't see you, you can't see them!




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