Thursday, July 28, 2011

Plain and Simple

at the cottage....

Those simple pleasures in life that bring great joy and renew my spirit.....

baby birds trying so hard to sleep, in a hanging flower pot...

a new treasure a rocking chair, this was bought from a friend's daughter to help her raise money to live in Spain for 10 months teaching English.

My 15 yr old kitty, Weazy under it. She loves sleeping in the corner of the living room. I'm thinking of painting the rocker white what do you think?

My Faith
My prayer basket, scriptures, journals, notecards, stickers, letter writing materials. 

Hand dipped candles, set in thrift store finds. Handmade pottery candle holder sweet delight.

all those roasted tomatoes turned into salsa...More tomatoes are coming in abundance.
Old crockery bowls used to feed my family such wholesome delights.

Herbs moved to another cabinet bigger, but still not enough room ;) Learning to bring Heavenly Father's gift to good use.

One of my angels gave me this angel, I love it...
Peaceful delights..

My dear gifts Ashley and Wyatt.... I treasure them daily....

Have a blessed day....



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  1. What a beautifully simple day you have shared my friend.

    Thank you.



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